Social Media Marketing heightens brand awareness. Engaging your social media audience with a strong, brand-focused message will have an enormous impact on your target demographic, while increasing the impact of other primary or peripheral marketing efforts. R&R empowers your company’s brand by implementing a multi-faceted social media strategy that transcends your principal marketing goals.

R&R combines the collective power of several social media outlets to generate sales, promotions, publicity, awareness, and brand recognition. By leveraging numerous social media outlets, such as: social networking sites, RSS feeds, social news sites, bookmarking sites, video and blogging sites, your campaign will penetrate every social sphere.

A recent survey indicated that nearly 40 million US adults discover new brands and products via social media before making a purchase. Over 23 million US adults discovered new brands with social media and nearly 18 million said they referred to social media before making a purchase.

Creating a successful Social Media campaign means your campaign will be backed with statistic and analytic data to gauge the most effective marketing strategy. Your R&R team will have real-time data to gauge and determine the success, and potential alternatives, to managing your campaign.

R&R connects your business to specific social networks, generating the traffic necessary to build awareness of your dominant brand.

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